About Us

Since 1979 Hills Supply has been a vital force in the success of dairy farmers across Ohio and the surrounding states. Together with dairy industry leaders like DeLaval, Jamesway, Mueller, Afimilk, and Joz we provide profitable solutions, equipment, and supplies to dairy operations 24/7.

Here at Hills Supply, we are a full-service dairy equipment and supply company. If you are wondering what that means, here is a brief explanation of how we see ourselves and the services we provide.


In the Pasture – In the Parlor – In Production

Our goal is to become your partner. [Read more about what that means here] That is, to not just be another parts supplier, service company, or vendor that sells you a piece of equipment and hustles on down the road. Rather, we want to help you identify and meet the unique challenges you face in your dairy operation head on. We do that by:

  • Getting to know you and your farm personally.
  • Taking the time to understand the specifics about your operation.
  • Asking questions.
  • Carefully listening to your questions.
  • Paying attention to the details.

Then, as a dedicated partner in your success, we apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to help you find cost-effective solutions to those challenges.

Together, we can make your operation more productive, more efficient, more cost effective, more sustainable, and more profitable.

24 Hour Dairy Repair Services

We service all types of dairy equipment regardless of who made it or who sold it to you.