Dairy Equipment

When you have the proper equipment to do a job, everything is just easier. That is especially true on a dairy farm where there is something new or different every day.  Having the right dairy equipment to suit your operation is vitally important to the efficiency and effectiveness of every dairy farm.

Here at Hills, we strive to help our customers find and select the individual pieces of dairy equipment that can best help them achieve their goals. Then we work to create integrated solutions that mate the individual components together into a seamless integrated dairy system.

As an independent dealer for dozens of the industries leading dairy equipment manufacturers we are in a unique position to find the equipment and solutions that will work best in your specific application.

Milking Equipment and Parlors
Robotic Milking Machines
Milking Equipment and Parlors

Parlors & Milking Equipment

The parlor is the heart of every successful dairy farm. Having the dairy milking equipment and parlor configuration that best suits your operation is a key to your success. From parallel and herringbone parlors to rotary and voluntary milking systems, the Hills team can help maximize your production. Learn More…

Robotic Milking Machines

Robotics and Dairy Automation

Dairy automation, voluntary milking systems, and robotics are the future of a thriving dairy industry. Technology available today increases milk quality and production while driving production costs down. The Hills Supply team are experts in both retrofit and new construction of robotic dairy farms. Learn More…

Milk Coolking and Storage Equipment
Calf Feeding Systems

Milk Cooling & Storage Equipment

Proper cooling and storage is a tremendous contributing factor to your dairy’s overall milk quality. Let us help you select and configure your cooling and storage equipment to ensure good workflow and ease of cleaning. Learn More…

Calf Feeding Systems

Calf Feeders

Today’s heifer calves are tomorrow’s best performing cows. How you raise your calves makes a huge difference in how they will perform for you down the road.  DeLaval calf feeders are a solution that produces fast-growing and healthy calves, ready to be your best producers for years to come.

Calf Feeders contribute to your success with:

  • Faster growing calves
  • Better control over feed costs
  • Healthier calves
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Earlier breeding and first calf
Cow Fomfort
Manure Management
Dairy Cow Comfort

Cow Comfort

Comfortable Cows are Productive Cows and Productive Cows are Profitable Cows.  The Hills Supply team can guide you through the process of evaluating the many factors that contribute to cow comfort on your dairy farm and help you implement the changes that will have the largest impact on your herd. Learn More…

Manure Management

Manure Management

Intelligent manure management practices bring numerous advantages to modern dairy farms. We provide a wide selection of manure management equipment to handle everything from raw manure collection to land application and including bedding separators, dewaterers, and more.

New Equipment

To serve our customers best, we maintain a large selection of new dairy equipment in-stock and ready for delivery at all times. Learn More…

Used Equipment

Purchasing used dairy equipment can be a good solution to help bring projects in on budget, for expansion, or to keep your dairy running efficiently during retrofit or repairs.  Our selection of used equipment changes almost weekly. View Used Equipment

Parlors and Milking Equipment

  • Voluntary Milking Systems (robots)
  • Rotary Parlors
  • Parallel Parlors
  • Herringbone Parlors
  • Milk Meters
  • Clusters
  • Vacuum Pumps

Milk Cooling and Storage

  • Milk Cooling Tanks
  • Plate Coolers
  • Chillers
  • Pipe Coolers
  • Condensing Units
  • Fre-Heaters

Dairy Automation & Robotic Solutions

  • Voluntary Milking Systems (robots)
  • Calf Feeders
  • Feed Pushers
  • Teat Spray Robots
  • Slurry Machines
  • Gate Controls & Sorting


Cow Comfort

  • Stalls
  • Mats
  • Fans
  • Foggers
  • Curtain Systems
  • Brushes
  • Waterers

Manure Management

  • Slurry Machines
  • Manure Storage
  • Manure Transport
  • Field Application
  • Separators