Dairy Automation & Robotic Solutions

Technology available today can have a tremendous positive impact on dairy farm operations and profitability. Tools like voluntary milking systems (robots), calf feeders, feed pushers, and manure handling equipment all improve overall herd health and create increases in production.

Hills Supply offers Integrated Robotic Solutions that further leverage the labor savings and production increases by matching the right technology to your farms specific needs and goals.

DeLaval VMS V300 Robotic Milking
DeLaval Automatic Dairy Calf Feeders
DeLaval VMS V300 Robotic Milking

Voluntary Milking Systems

We are proud to offer DeLaval VMS milking machines. The Voluntary Milking System positions you to maximize the milk yields from your herd and to free up labor hours.

The VMS technology greatly contributes to overall success by:

  • Harvesting more milk per labor hour
  • Improving milk quality
  • Increasing herd health and longevity
  • Providing accurate real-time feedback for each cow

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DeLaval Automatic Dairy Calf Feeders

Calf Feeders

Today’s heifer calves are tomorrow’s best performing cows. How you raise your calves makes a huge difference in how they will perform for you down the road.  DeLaval calf feeders are a solution that produces fast-growing and healthy calves, ready to be your best producers for years to come.

Calf Feeders contribute to your success with:

  • Faster growing calves
  • Better control over feed costs
  • Healthier calves
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Earlier breeding and first calf

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Joz Moov Pro Automated Feed Pusher
DeLaval Teat Spray Robot
Joz Moov Pro Automated Feed Pusher

Feed Pushers

Automatic robotic feed pushers provide access to fresh quality feed for your herd 24 hours per day, seven days per week while reducing labor costs.

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DeLaval Teat Spray Robot

Teat Spray Robots

Automate the process of pre and post milking teat spray to maintain cow health while reducing labor costs. Teat spray robots provide accurate, consistent, and optimal teat spray application.

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Joz Automated Slurry Scraper
Dairy Sort Gate
Joz Automated Slurry Scraper

Slurry Robots

Maintain a cleaner barn while reducing labor costs with automated slurry robots.  These robotic machines use sensor technology that allows them to scrape and clean manure alleys, in tight spaces, and even between cows.

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Dairy Sort Gate

Gate Controls & Sorting

Spend less time sorting and more time being productive. Use automatic gate controls help you group cows for breeding, healthcare, hoof trimming, and more, or use automatic crowd gates to move your herd to the parlor.

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New Equipment

To serve our customers best, we maintain a large selection of new dairy equipment in-stock and ready for delivery at all times. Learn More…

Used Equipment

Purchasing used dairy equipment can be a good solution to help bring projects in on budget, for expansion, or to keep your dairy running efficiently during retrofit or repairs.  Our selection of used equipment changes almost weekly. View Used Equipment

Parlors and Milking Equipment

  • Voluntary Milking Systems (robots)
  • Rotary Parlors
  • Parallel Parlors
  • Herringbone Parlors
  • Milk Meters
  • Clusters
  • Vacuum Pumps

Milk Cooling and Storage

  • Milk Cooling Tanks
  • Plate Coolers
  • Chillers
  • Pipe Coolers
  • Condensing Units
  • Fre-Heaters

Dairy Automation & Robotic Solutions

  • Voluntary Milking Systems (robots)
  • Calf Feeders
  • Feed Pushers
  • Teat Spray Robots
  • Slurry Machines
  • Gate Controls & Sorting


Cow Comfort

  • Stalls
  • Mats
  • Fans
  • Foggers
  • Curtain Systems
  • Brushes
  • Waterers

Manure Management

  • Slurry Machines
  • Manure Storage
  • Manure Transport
  • Field Application
  • Separators